Fair business practices at Alnavit

Fair business practices are a core value for us, which we promote along the entire value chain not only for our teamwork, but also in our cooperation with all our partners, be they manufacturers, trading partners or agencies.

Alnavit Social Standards - we take responsibility

From cornflakes to almond croissants to buckwheat bread, the Alnavit product variety is large. In the production process, ingredients from Germany or Europe always have priority. Nevertheless, some raw materials come from non-European countries, because that is where they have their natural origin. In addition to cocoa and raw cane sugar, these include, for example, various fruits, spices, nuts and seeds. These ingredients are purchased worldwide and processed into Alnavit products by our manufacturing partners. If they come from risk countries identified by the amfori organisation (amfori.org) i.e. countries with unsafe political, social, legal or ecological conditions, recognised social standards must be demonstrably met in the companies of origin.

We consider social standards to be recognised if they meet the requirements of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) or comparable standards. These include binding rules on the organisation of working and living conditions:
  • Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining
  • No discrimination (by ethnicity, religion, gender, age, etc.)
  • Fair payment, at least according to the legal minimum wage of the respective country
  • Regulated working hours, at least according to the legal requirements of the respective country
  • Protection of workers in terms of health and safety
  • No child labour, at least no exploitative child labour
  • Special protection for young workers
  • No precarious working conditions
  • No forced labour, no corporal punishment
  • Protection of the environment
We are continuously working with our manufacturing partners to ensure that these requirements can be met for more and more of the raw materials from risk countries that they process. This is not always easy. If, for example, there are crop failures due to prolonged drought, unforeseeable storms, or severe damage caused by pest infestation, our manufacturing partner has to switch to other sources of supply. So it remains a great challenge to ensure that 100 per cent of the raw materials from risk countries come from sources certified according to social standards. But of course we will keep at it, because for us, compliance with recognised social standards is an essential building block on the way to making the global supply chains of Alnavit products sustainable, socially responsible and fair.

Long-term partnership

We have been working with the majority of our partners for many years, which has created a trusting foundation for our high quality. Respectful interaction is particularly important to us.