Organic quality & good taste

We are passionat about food that gives you a good body feeling. Our aspiration is to exclusively offer products that are organically grown and contain only what is really necessary. We are convinced that food that is human-oriented and produced with respect for nature is the only right way to go.

At the heart of our products are the ingredient lists, which must be coherent both in terms of composition and taste. Every single ingredient of our organic food is carefully selected and the mantra is: "Eliminating the unnecessary."

Our principles

  • The basis of all our products is organic quality, which can go beyond the legal requirements. For example, we refrain from adding natural flavourings, although this is permitted according to the EC Organic Regulation.
  • We place particular value on raw materials that are as wholesome as possible and are processed gently so that valuable nutrients are retained as much as possible.
  • We keep the ingredient lists as short as possible and only use as many ingredients as necessary.
  • We use additives and sweeteners sparingly and try to find alternatives for the additives that can be substituted. We avoid white sugar, but as taste is a high priority to us we use alternatives such as cane sugar, honey or coconut blossom sugar.
  • We make sure that our products contain as few common allergens as possible.
  • A vegan recipe is always preferred, as long as it provides exceptional taste.
  • But that's not all. Before we can justify putting a product on the shelves, it is evaluated by an independent expert advisory board. Experts from different disciplines look not only at the ingredients, but at the entire production process. Only when they give us the confirmation, we implement the product ideas.